THETA presents at 2017 iHEA World Congress


THETA presents at iHEA Congress in Boston.

The upcoming 2017 iHEA World Congress: Revolutions in the Economics of Health Systems will be hosted by the Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 

The following long oral presentations by THETA staff have been selected:

Long Oral Presentation:

Beate Sander, Emily Shing, John Wang, Jonathan Gubbay, Erik Kristjanson, Alexandre Marchand-Austin, Stephen Moore, Curtis Russell, Doug Sider, Mark Nelder: Estimating the healthcare costs attributable to West Nile virus: A population-based matched cohort study in Ontario, Canada

Ryan O’Reilly, Jeff Kwong, Hong Lu, Allison McGeer, Eleanor Pullenayegum, Beate Sander: The economic burden of all-cause pneumonia in Ontario, Canada: A population-based cohort study

Rohan D’Souza, George Tomlinson, Kyra McKelvey, Danielle Wuebbolt, Vanessa Nguyen, Wynn Peterson, Karen Bremner, Murray Krahn, Kellie Murphy, Beate Sander: Preferences Of Pregnant Women And Family Members For Combined Maternal-Fetal Health-States Arising From The Use Of Anticoagulation In Pregnancy

Posted July 4, 2017