Teresa Tsui, MSc, ND, PhD (Candidate)

Current Position and Professional Functions

PhD student in the Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto.


Dr. Murray Krahn

Education and Training

Teresa has a BSc(Hon) in Pharmacology (specialist) and Psychology (minor) and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, both from the University of Toronto. Her MSc was in understanding the role of patient values in decision making. Teresa is recipient of the Harvard Book Prize, University of Toronto Scholar, American Specialty Health scholarship (Naturopathy), and Advanced Certificate in piano performance from the Trinity College, London. She has graduate training in health economics, psychometrics, biostatistics, qualitative methods, and health policy.


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Research Interests and Expertise

Teresa’s research interests are in developing health economic methods, including health related quality of life measurement, and use of real-world data to inform clinical and policy decisions. Her PhD research is developing the Breast Utility Instrument, a preference-based questionnaire used to measure health-related quality of life in breast cancer. She has worked at the University of Toronto as a Research Manager, lecturer, and small group facilitator.



1. Creating a map for the road less travelled: A scoping review and framework of developing condition-specific preference-based instruments using Rasch analysis.

2. Confirmatory factor analysis of the EORTC QLQ C30 and BR45 to develop the Breast Utility Instrument.

3. Developing a breast cancer multi-attribute health state classification system using Rasch analysis– the Breast Utility Instrument.


4. Cost utility analysis of genetic screening for breast cancer gene mutations in a two-step process compared to genetic testing in a one-step genetic panel to detect new breast cancer cases amongst women with a high lifetime risk.

5. The Response of Provincial Health Systems to COVID-19: Service provision and costs across health sectors, First Nations, and other populations.

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