Olga Gajic-Veljanoski, MD, MSc (Clinical Epidemiology), PhD (Health Administration)

Current Position and Professional Functions

Clinical Epidemiologist, Health Economist

Education and Training

Dr. Gajic-Veljanoski received her medical degree and residency training in epidemiology from the School of Medicine at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). She received a Master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and a diploma in Health Services and Policy Research from the University of Toronto. She received a PhD degree (Health Administration) through the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto. As the most promising student in her class, she won a 2005 University of Toronto Claire Bombardier MSc Award. Her graduate studies were supported by a 2003-2005 Ontario Women’s Health Master’s Scholars Award, 2007/8 Ontario Women’s Health Doctoral Scholars Award and a 2008-2011 post-doctoral CIHR Fellowship Award (Bisby Prize).


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Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Gajic-Veljanoski’s research involves applications of the methods of clinical epidemiology, evidence synthesis, decision analysis and economic evaluation. Her doctoral research included quantitative analyses of uncertainty of the efficacy of vitamin K for fracture prevention using the methods of Bayesian univariate and bivariate meta-analyses and economic evaluation. It resulted in a fracture incidence-based Markov microsimulation model, used to analyze the incremental cost-effectiveness of lifetime supplementation with vitamin K, vitamin D and calcium for the prevention of fractures. Dr. Gajic-Veljanoski’s current interest focuses on the evaluation of benefits of the Bayesian method for meta-analytic modelling of single and multiple health outcomes and the assessment of validity of Bayesian predictions. Her future research will focus on chronic diseases and the use of decision analysis, disease modelling and economic evaluation for making relevant and transparent health policy decisions.

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