Current Position and Professional Functions

Dr. Parry is the Assistant Professor and Director, Nurse Practitioner Programs at Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing.

At U of T Nursing, Dr. Monica Parry is the Director of the Nurse Practitioner Programs. In response to student demand for a practice-focused global health graduate program, Dr. Parry assisted in developing the innovative Primary Health Care – Global Health area of emphasis in the NP program.

Dr. Parry serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses in the role of National Research Director. She is a member of the Expert Panel for the evaluation of heart failure clinics in Ontario with the Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment (THETA) Collaborative, a multidisciplinary research collaboration based at U of T. Dr. Parry continues to practise as a nurse practitioner in cardiac surgery at a tertiary care hospital in southeastern Ontario.

Education and Training

2009 – Postdoctoral Fellowship, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario/FUTURE Program for Cardiovascular Nurse Scientists, McMaster University, Hamilton

2008 – PhD, University of Toronto

2001 – MSc (Nursing), Queen’s University, Kingston

1994 – MEd, Queen’s University, Kingston

1983 – BNSc, Queen’s University, Kingston


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Research Interests and Expertise

Her program of research includes supportive care measures to improve the health outcomes for individuals with chronic disease. Dr. Parry is researching the use of impedance cardiography to improve health outcomes in individuals with heart failure. She has investigated the use of peer support and advanced practice nursing interventions to improve health-related quality of life, function, pain and depressive symptoms in men and women with cardiovascular disease. As well, she is developing a model of care using peer support strategies to prevent type 2 diabetes.

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