There are a number of ways to engage with and learn from our expert staff at THETA and the BRU including:

Formal mentorship through courses at University of Toronto’s Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Masters and Doctoral programs with emphasis on the Health Services Research (HSR) and Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR) streams. The below list outlines courses taught in the 2019-2020 academic year and which professors are accepting new students.

THETA and the BRU also hold yearly courses including our HTA Institute & R workshops as well as our ongoing THETA and ClinEpi rounds held weekly Friday afternoons from 1-2pm. 

Volunteer with us! Mentorship is highly encouraged outside of these streams and graduate students interested in the areas of Clinical Epidemiology, Health Economics, Health Technology Assessment, Clinical Trials and ELSI+ (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) are welcome to send our scientists an email stating their interest, background and attaching their CV for consideration.

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Dr. George Tomlinson:

Spring 2020 (Clin Epi)

HAD5313H Advanced Design and Analysis Issues in Clinical Trials

R Course Series (see pg. 8 for details)

**Currently accepting students in the MSc/PhD—CEHCR programs**


Dr. Fiona Miller:

Winter 2020 (MHSc): HAD5020H Canada’s Health System and Health

Policy – Part 2

Fall 2019 (HSR): HAD5011H Canada’s Health Care System

HAD5022H Politics, Policy, Public Health and Health Technology

**Currently accepting students in the MSc/PhD—HSR programs**


Dr. Lusine Abrahamyan:

Winter 2020 (HSR): HAD5779H Evidence Synthesis for Health Services,

Systems and Policy Research

Spring/Summer 2019: HAD6770H Applying Health Services Research Methods

**Currently accepting students in the MSc/PhD—HSR programs**


Dr. Beate Sander:

Fall 2019 (ClinEpi): HAD5304H Clinical Decision Making and Cost Effectiveness

**Currently accepting students in the MSc/PhD—HSR & CEHCR programs**


Dr. Valeria Rac:

Winter 2020 (HSR): HAD5743H Evaluation Design for Complex Interventions

(MHSc): HAD5770H Program Planning and Evaluation

**Currently accepting students in the MSc/PhD—HSR programs **