Happy International Clinical Trials Day!

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated annually on the 20th May to mark the study by James Lind, in 1747 in his "A treatise of the scurvy" (at the James Lind Library) considered to be the first ever clinical trial.

"Lind is rightly recognised for having taken care to ‘compare like with like’, and the design of his trial may have inspired Thomas Trotter to use a similar approach (Trotter 1792). Even if Lind’s report of a controlled trial may be a fabrication, as some have alleged because his patients did not appear on the ship’s sick list (Baron 2009), his account nevertheless illustrates a way of thinking about how to compare treatments, and this is of historical interest in its own right (Chalmers et al. 2011)." (from: Milne I (2012). Who was James Lind, and what exactly did he achieve? JLL Bulletin: Commentaries on the history of treatment evaluation).

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And the interview with Larissa Shamseer, who on behalf of the CONSORT Group, discusses what key stakeholders could do to support better trial reporting.

Posted on May 19, 2017.

The James Lind Library ( Copyright information: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License