Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Current Position and Professional Functions

Dr. de Oliveira is a post-doctoral research associate at the Toronto Health Economics Technology Assessment Collaborative (THETA), and the Toronto General Research Institute, both affiliated with the University of Toronto and the University Health Network.

Education and Training

She holds a Ph.D. in economics from McMaster University. Her doctoral dissertation examined the relationship between family income and child health, in particular why health inequalities occur at early ages and how these can be mitigated during childhood. She also holds in a Licentiate degree in economics from the University of Oporto, Portugal and an M.A. in economics from McMaster University.


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Research Interests and Expertise

She is currently working on a large-scale project that involves estimating the costs associated with cancer treatment using linked administrative health care data in British Columbia and Ontario, under the auspices of the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC). Her main area of research is in health economics, in particular health services research and child health. In 2008/2009, she was awarded the C.D. Howe Research Fellowship. During her stay at the C.D. Howe Institute, she developed work in the child health policy field, contributing to the cash versus in-kind transfer debate in Canada. Previously, she held a research associate position at the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto, Ontario, where she was involved in several projects that focused on economic evaluation methods for workplace-based occupational health and safety interventions.

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