Finance & Budget Coordinator

Current Position and Professional Functions

Ms. Vyas is the Finance and Administrative Coordinator at THETA.

Education and Training

Ms. Vyas holds a B.Com degree in Accounting & Economics from University of Pune, India.

Research Interests and Expertise

Ms. Vyas has recently joined the THETA team. She is a results focused, client-oriented skilled professional with extensive experience working in a high volume critical thinking deadline-driven environment and proven ability to work under pressure. Ms. Vyas is an accomplished self-starter professional with extensive experience in all analytical tasks. She is a well-rounded person with strong organization, time management and communication skills. She also has expertise in risk management, process improvement, documentation and she has proved to be very adaptable across various areas of the business. Ms. Vyas past work included employment at IBM Canada for over a decade and various other private sector businesses. Through her acquired skills and experience in client care, business strategy, administrative and financial work, will enable her to thrive in THETA’s dynamic work atmosphere. As Finance & Administrative Coordinator for THETA Collaborative, Ms Vyas is responsible for all aspects of administrative duties ranging from planning and scheduling to financial duties of budget monitoring, grant set-up, preparation of sub-grant, expense claims, invoice processing, invoicing for studies, recruitment and resignations, rounds announcements, assistance in HTA Institute, and Theta quarterly newsletter.

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